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Pick up has ND plates on it.  Joe plans to restore this pick up this summer if there is enough time. 1 Note the moon in the background. 2
With glasses in front of the back corral. 3 On the section south of the farmstead. 4
Same pick up he hopes to restore. 5 Our land to the south in front of a big cottonwood still standing from an old Homestead. 6
On the fence by the T shaped shelterbelt. 7 In the horse pasture section to the south of the farmstead. 8
On the farm somewhere. 9 In a wheat field. 10
In the horse pasture. 11 By the old cottonwood. 12
Back corral. 13 Horse pasture 14
Chevy pickup. 15 Joes name in cement at age 4. 16
Chevy Pick up. 17 Winter with Powerball. 18
Black Butte in the distance 19 Same old pick up.  We like the worn paint on it. 20
Land in the background to the east of the Horse pasture. 21

The photo with Joe looking under the fence has his name and age etched in the cement below him.  He was 4 years old when we poured the concrete.

We had lots of fun taking the pictures and have so many more that we didn't pick.

Hard to believe that he graduated.  We are glad that he plans to spend the summer helping on the farm.

Time is going by too fast.  Jack graduated from Tulane College the day before Joe graduated from New England High School.

Joe will attend The University of Miami.

Joe 22 Joe 23
Joe 24 Trying on the graduation gown.  Joe is Salutatorium of the class. 25