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This yellow rose bush stands about 5 to 6 ft tall.  The roses are along the canes and are loaded with blossoms.  The scent is fragrant and very strong.  The leaves smell like roses when the plant is not blooming. It blooms for about 2 -3 weeks once a year.  It was given to me about 1965.  I think I was about 10 or 12 when I got it.  When it was given to me it was split off another rose bush.  My Mom brought it out to the farm in 1977.

Annie's family originally came from Germany, but her father hunted all over the world I think, and had animal trophies from all over.  The rose could have come from any country.  I don't know if it was brought from another country or if it was acquired in the United States.  I sure wish I had paid more attention when I was little. 


I think this is a pink Grootendorst, (Shrub rose) or a rugosa rose (I forget)   It is about 5 feet tall.   It does real well in SW North Dakota, (Regent/New England area).  As does the yellow rose.  They do not die back in the winter.  They leaf out on the old canes.  Not just new growth.  Most of my other roses die back partially anyway.  These two have been the toughest so far.  29 years for the yellow and 7 for the pink so far.  They seem to be fairly disease resistant.  Have had leaf spots in really humid conditions, but I use a rose treatment and they spring right back.  The yellow rose survived the transplant!!!!!  It is doing well.

 These pics were taken in 1999.

Pink rose came from Wal-Mart  2002

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